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Let me tell you a few things...

Luis Miguel Herrera


Hands-on, results-oriented professional with a diversified set of skills and experiences in Web Development, IT operations, Data & Business Analysis, and User Support.
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Data Associate
  • Working within the Alexa Data Services organization to support the internal Alexa/Kindle customers through methods of data creation, curation, and analytics to help develop, test, and train the Alexa AI.

  • Providing the machine learning science modeling teams critical data needed to improve Alexa's Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding models, and domain features.

  • Key areas of responsibilities are as follows:
    • Transcription of audio files for Automatic Speech Recognition.
    • Semantic Annotation for Natural Language Understanding.
    • Handling unique data analysis requests from a range of
      data customers.
    • Evaluation for improving overall customer interaction
      with Alexa.
    • Contributing to process improvements to reduce handling
      time and improve output.

Fire Department of New York

Web Developer
  • Primarily worked with Oracle ADF(Application Development Framework), Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle "Universal Content Management" and Angular to develop web applications for the BTDS(Bureau of Technology and Development Systems).

  • Worked closely with leaders of various bureaus, BA/QA groups, and the UI/UX team throughout the complete software development
    life cycle.

  • Project: Family Assistance Unit "Missing Person Tracking Report App"
    • Converted an existing legacy disaster recovery application developed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Angular 4/5.
    • Utilized Angular Services to send HTTP requests to a Java
      based RESTful service in order to load data within the
      primary uniformed/civilian search table and forms.
    • Added several validation attributes within the forms.
    • Developed a dashboard in order to include OBIEE reports.
    • Created responsive components using HTML5, CSS3,
      JavaScript, and Angular Material.

  • Project: BTDS "Diamond Plate Intranet Portal"
    • Developed primary entry portal of both the Bureau of
      Human Resources and BTDS.
    • Created responsive components within Diamond Plate
      using jQuery.
    • Migrated data from Cold Fusion and a Drupal based
      CMS to Oracle UCM creating a central data repository
      for the Diamond Plate portal.
    • Conducted QA tests on quiz data loaded within Diamond
      Plate for uniformed staff to use for training and
      educational purposes.

NYC Department of Education

System Analyst
  • Supported, a major on-going project for OSSS(Office of School Support Services) and OSFNS(Office of School Food & Nutritional Services) with the goal of providing public schools within New York City a more efficient and systematic way of accounting school food meals.

  • Supported the OPT(Office of Pupil Transport), DSF(Division of School Facilities) and PSAL(Public School Athletic League) with matters of IT Infrastructure and application support.

  • Utilized python scripts within ARCGIS to support changes in school
    bus routes.

  • Project: OSFNS "POS(Point of Sale) Reporting & Tracking System"
    • Developed and updated documentation guidelines regarding user support and application installation within the Foot
      Prints ticketing system and SharePoint.
    • Conducted inventory management and tracking of all POS equipment that were either deployed, currently active, or
      have been replaced.
    • Created reports of changes in hardware assets and
      deployment utilizing the Foot Prints reporting tool and SQL Server Reporting Services.
    • Troubleshooted account access issues on SharePoint 2013 as well as reports of user interface issues on ASP.NET MVC
      based apps that utilized HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap.